Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wow time is just flying by for us.  Tuesday will mark 4 months since we were seperated from our sweet daddy and best friend.  I can't believe its been this long.  We are trying to stay busy and have been having a pretty good summer so far.  We went to the swimming pool for the first time on Friday.  It was super fun, but I felt worried and paranoid the whole time with staying in the the sun for 2 hours straight.  Max is used to letting me put sunscreen on him every 15 minutes now.  I use SPF 90, but still I feel like it needs to be applied always.  I think about Melanoma way to much.  Everyone out their please do not tan or not use sunscreen.  You will die and make me very angry!!!
On a brighter note.  The wonderful Elder's Quorum from our ward is helping out with finishing our basement.  We will have a family room down there with two extra rooms.  We need the space so badly and so it will be great when its done.  It will probably be a slow project, but done right.  I feel so blessed to live where we do and have the support from the ward.  What can I say.  They are wonderful and truly a blessing for my family.
I got a new calling at church.  I am the new secretary in the RS.  I am loving every minute of it even though it keeps me busy and on my toes.  I am so glad I get to stay in RS.  It is my favorite time during the church block.
Max and I just ended T ball last Saturday and he informs me he liked it but is so glad it is over because he needs a break.  You know life is so busy when you are 5.  He is still seeing a therapist and is actually doing well with it.  He seems like a pretty well rounded kid.  He is having some anger issues and just lately starting having some bad dreams that we are working on.   He just learned the last two weeks how to ride a two wheeler bike.  He can't stop riding now.  All he wanted to do is ride his little bike 24/7.  He is so excited and I know Jon is so amazed by him and his little strength he has.  Jon is probably clapping his hands right beside me and cheering him on.
Kenadee is just so happy.  She has started none stop talking and thinks she gets everything Max does.  She has a little lisp and sometimes I can't understand a word.  I have to tell her to show me and she does. :)  Everyone caters to her because she is so cute and tiny.   Her hair is so blonde and cute.  My sister cut her bangs because her hair was always in her eyes and now it makes her cheeks even rounder.  She is a sweet baby.  I am in no hurry for her to grow up. 
Last Saturday we were able to go up to the cemetary and see Jon.  I only cried for the first 10 minutes or so, which is really good because before it was the whole time.   Now I can sort of stop and play with the kids and actually laugh a little. Max always wants to write secret notes to Jon and has a little secret hiding place he has been storing them so they can make it to heaven to his daddy.  We saw little rabbits up there last time and the kids chased them up the hill.   Maxwell was saying "Holy Cow" mom look at the bunnies and Kena started saying "Oh cow mom, Oh cow" because she couldn't say holy.  It was a laughing moment.
I am so grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers on our behalf.  I haven't really felt alone and have been able to feel Jon's spirit so strong lately and of course The Spirit as been my constant companion.  I couldn't do this alone and I feel like my prayers have been answered in a way.  I am getting more comfortable with being alone in the house.  I am not so scared anymore.  I am being strong for myself and the kids.  I made up my mind that I wasn't going to be scared and it was weird but then I said it to myself it really worked.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement.  We love all of you and hope your summer is filled with special moments with your families.  Please take care and keep in touch.  If I don't call you back, please just keep trying and give me time.  I just can't pickup sometimes.